Pao School Foundation 5th Anniversary Ceremony

On November 13, 2015, the Pao School Foundation celebrated its fifth anniversary at the Langham Hotel in Xintiandi. The ceremony was grand, featuring a rousing performance by the Pao School Choir and Pao School Junior Secondary Chinese Costume Club. Parent representatives spoke at the ceremony, sharing their blessings on stage. The charity auction held that day raised funds to be used for the development of the school. The foundation thanked its supporters for helping Pao School grow over the past five years and welcomed their future support.


Founding Members Celebration Ceremony

Founding Members are a core group of supporters dedicated to developing the YK Pao School Foundation. The group includes enthusiastic and influential community leaders, among them parents of YK Pao School students, and prominent people in local society passionate about education.

To thank all of the founding members for their support, we established the Founding Members Walls at the Primary and Secondary Division campuses. On June 20, 2013, we held a founding members ceremony, honouring the founders with commemorative certificates.

Thanksgiving Ceremonies

2013 Thanksgiving Ceremony: Four sisters from the Pao family visited Pao School to participate in the launch of the Huang Sue Ing Memorial Library, Pao Pei Wai Swimming Pool and Cissy Pao Pei Li Art Room. Sir Y.K. Pao and his wife took a great interest in the development of Chinese education. Their four daughters have carried on their spirit with Pao School, naming the secondary library after their mother to commemorate the virtues she treasured: thrift, diligence and character building.

365bet 滚球365bet月回馈28元2014 Thanksgiving Ceremony: Over 30 business leaders from Shanghai and Hong Kong as well as their children attended the 2014 Thanksgiving Ceremony at Pao School. Our donors were also in attendance for the unveiling of our campus facilities: the Persistence Fitness Centre (by Mr KT Chao), Vincent Woo Multi-Function Room (by Vincent and Lily Woo Trust), Francis Yuen Pottery Room (by Mr. and Mrs. Francis Yuen), and the Shao Qing Music Room (by Mr and Mrs. Ian Li). At the ceremony, our guests shared their career strategies which span several generations, as well as their personal experiences and insight on life, speaking on what it means to be successful and instilling in our students the true meaning of hard work, perseverance, diligence and prudence.

Pao School Secondary Division students expressed their thanks in a special way. They not only sang the school anthem for the first time, but also performed ‘Quince’ from the Book of Poetry to demonstrate their appreciation and understanding of traditional Chinese culture. At the Q&A session, student representatives intelligently answered questions, fully exemplifying the success of Pao School’s whole person education.

2015 Thanksgiving Ceremony: The Marshall Foundation’s generous donations helped make possible the YPM Dance Studio, KASM ‘Marshall Arts’ Studio, TKM Tree House. Shanghai Laiyifen Co., Ltd donated the YIZAI Club Dining Room; Mr and Mrs Kevin Xiang donated the Audrey & Amanda Music Practice Room. The YIZAI Club Dining Room and Audrey & Amanda Music Practice Room were also funded by current student families, who discussed their children’s experiences at Pao School and expressed their sincere appreciation to the school and their expectations for the future.

Whole person education is a central tenet of the Pao School mission. We encourage students to develop multifaceted talents by participating in various activities. For instance, during the ceremony, secondary students performed a traditional Chinese dance they arranged themselves, a process which deepened their understanding of Chinese culture. The Secondary Division Baking Club also served the dessert they had prepared for guests.


Telescope and Microscope Donation Appreciation Ceremony

To encourage continued studies in science, Mr Chao’s Jiangnan Novel Optics Co. Ltd donated two sets of wireless digital microscope interactive classroom systems and two telescopes for Pao School’s Primary and Secondary Division. On May 25, the school honoured Mr Chao’s contributions with a donor appreciation ceremony at the Secondary Division.

These microscopes that you will be using are the same as those at Tsinghua University. With the help of Pao School, you will become the world's top students. We are certain that we will one day see your names among the elite scientists in the world.

Samuel Chao


‘Voice of the Foundation’ Ceremony

On May 30, 2014, the ‘Voice of the Foundation’ ceremony was held at the Shanghai Yacht Club. Special guests at the event included the celebrated designer and dancer Ms Zhang Taiai and the eminent soprano Huang Ying.

During the ceremony, Pao School’s Primary orchestra and the BT Band from the Secondary Division gave inspired performances, bringing guests to their feet. Students further impressed guests as they expertly fielded questions during the Q&A session. There was also plenty of family fun at the event – guests were treated to performances by seven families during the singing competition.