Principal's Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to write the welcome message for the YK Pao Primary School. As the new Primary Principal, I am confident that many of the things which attracted me to this school will be the same ones which help you to see that Pao School is the right school for your son or daughter. Located in a beautiful and purpose-built campus in the heart of Shanghai’s Changing district, we offer a uniquely blended Chinese and International curriculum which is rigourous, purposeful and exciting and ensure through continuous assessment and tracking that we provide a personalised and effective educational experience for every child.

At Pao School we believe in educating the whole child and place equal importance on developing good character alongside academic excellence. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, and our students are offered a wide and varied programme of learning which includes music, sports, the arts and technology, as well as outstanding character development. Working in both languages allows our pupils to develop superb language skills in both English and Mandarin; ultimately placing them in an enviable position amongst their peers at other schools here in Shanghai and beyond.

365bet 滚球365bet月回馈28元Our students look forward to coming to school every day because we provide learning that is student centred and challenging. We recognise that our students need to be prepared for a fast paced and ever-changing world and so ensure that our curriculum enables them to be flexible and disciplined learners. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced from a range of fields and countries to ensure that our students benefit from the international mindset that these characteristics provide. Our teachers and support staff care deeply for our students and the warm and nurturing environment which we have at Pao School is a key feature and a real strength of the school.

Effective partnerships with parents are extremely important to us as we recognise that this is central to ensuring that our students have the best learning opportunities possible. We actively encourage our parents to have an engaged and proactive involvement in school life via our PTA and other parent led committees and events.

I am confident that Pao School is the best school for your child and would encourage you to come along and visit us to see first-hand why this is true. You will find happy and purposely engaged students and a warm and friendly environment which is hard to improve on. We look forward to meeting you.


Siobhain Allum

Primary Principal and Head of Wuding Campus