Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising programme that occurs across the entire Pao School community, involving current family, staff and supporters of the school. The Annual Fund is dedicated to enriching the Pao School experience for students and staff while simultaneously engaging the entire community.

The Annual Fund campaign has been held since 2013, raising more than 17 million CNY with the support of all members of the community. The participation rate of the 2016-17 Annual Fund reached 89.5% - a point of pride for the entire Pao School community. Our high participation rate was truly a remarkable feat, exceeding those of private schools around the world with decades of fundraising practice!

Annual Fund contributions help make it possible for us to support projects aligned with the Strategic Plan on a yearly basis, for which the school’s operational budget is insufficient. With the support of Annual Fund, projects of campus environmental safety and health, faculty professional development, additional learning opportunities, character education, college counselling and community development have been launched over the past few years.

Please click to read our ‘Annual Fund Report.’

Annual Fund Report


Membership Programme

To provide a steady stream of financial support, and build a platform for society to participate in the development of the school, the foundation has introduced Associate and Corporate Membership programmes. Please contact the Pao School Foundation Office regarding the application criteria and procedures.


Scholarship and Financial Assistance

The provision of scholarships and financial assistance is a key area supported by the Foundation, not only recognising students who have attained academic excellence, but also providing opportunities for talented students whose families cannot afford the full cost of education.

Currently, Pao School provides several scholarships including the Huang Sue Ing Girls Scholarship, Vincent & Lily Woo Scholarship, Junior Secondary Boys Scholarship, Chinese Immersion Scholarship and Senior Secondary Grade 1 & 2 Scholarship. Since 2012, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to 44 outstanding students, and provided financial assistance to 175 students, with tuition fees for these students reduced up to 60%.

The Foundation aims to increase the proportion of students receiving scholarships and financial assistance to 20%. There is no better investment than child’s education. We will be very grateful for your support of the scholarship programme.

Please click to read our?Scholarship Programme?Brochure.

About the Scholarship Programme


I’d like to thank YK Pao School for establishing such a fair and impartial scholarship policy. Winning a scholarship is a wonderful recognition of my hard work, and motivates me to study harder. In the future, I shall redouble my efforts to earn the IB diploma, and grow into a successful, happy and international citizen.

Frank Zhuang, Scholarship Student


Naming Right Programme

Campus development is a key strategic area supported by the Foundation.

We believe that an outstanding campus environment facilitates the success of students in their endeavours. With the Naming Right Programme, our Primary and Secondary campuses will be continuously improved. Furthermore, we intend for this programme to help instil a philanthropic spirit in the student body, allowing our young scholars to become devoted global citizens.

Your generous support in the Naming Right Programme will play a key role in Pao School’s long-term development. Currently, both the Primary and Secondary campuses are participating in the programme. Please contact the Pao School Foundation Office for more details.


Vincent Woo Multi-Function Room

I am truly impressed and touched by the founders’ efforts on behalf of Pao School. The challenges are tremendous, and the obstacles are great, but the experience can be most rewarding too. I am very proud of all that you have done. The Woo family is more than happy to support such a good cause.

Alice Woo


The Persistence Fitness Centre

Sir Y.K. Pao is a person I deeply admire. My experience with him had a profound impact on my life, helping shape me for the better. Throughout his life, Sir Y.K. Pao continued to promote his motto: ‘exercise persistently, use sparingly, work diligently’ As such, I made a donation to help build the fitness centre, naming it the Persistence Fitness Centre in hopes that Pao School can carry on Sir Y.K. Pao’s spirit and continue to cultivate excellent talent.

Kt Chao


The Francis Yuen Pottery Room

I have always believed that ‘knowledge can change one’s destiny,’ and that an investment in education yields the greatest returns. YK Pao School represents a new model for education in China, emphasising whole person education and cultivating a new generation of talent with an international perspective. My wife and I have donated to a pottery classroom, in hopes that students not only able to ‘mould’ their spirits in the creative process, but also learn about traditional arts and crafts. We hope to see them pass on Chinese cultures and traditions, develop their knowledge of the world’s many cultures, and become leaders in the international arena.

Francis Yuen


YIZAI Club Dining Room

eaching is one of the most worthy career pursuits. Devoted to the mission of bringing world-class global education to China, Sir Y.K. Pao and his family founded Pao School. We can learn much from their great accomplishments. The Pao family has been a pioneer in the field of philanthropy in China; from them, we learn about the importance of social responsibility. As such, we have donated to build this club: It is our modest contribution to the development of Pao School.

Yu Ruifen